Thursday, 5 July 2012


So we arrived in Lucerne, Switzerland on the fourth day! It was a small country town but still equally as pretty. Half of the tour went up Mount Pilatus, but I wasn't interested in that, so we had free time. By the time we got to Switzerland we got our first taste of a European summer. The sun was shining and I was wearing shorts.

Of course when you think of Switzerland you think of Swiss chocolate. So the first thing we did with our free time was to find a little cafe and eat some Swiss chocolate and to drink some much-needed coffee. Apparently the Europeans insist on making their coffee with two-layers, the layer with the good stuff (coffee) and then one with milk. All the same, it taste's very yum!

After our walk around Lucerne we met up with the rest of our group and settle in to our hotel. Our room was beautiful, totally loved it. We went downstairs for dinner, washed up and decided to head out. We went to the local pub, and of course, it happened to be karaoke night. So we spent the entire night singing away, alas the start of me losing my voice!

After a great night out, I was very much looking forward to a good nights sleep. The next day, woke up refreshed and ready to head out. We went to visit a landmark, and then the rest of the group went to see a traditional Switzerland show complete with lunch, so the rest of us, me Jye, Tina and Sam decided to rome around and get lunch. We stopped at an awesome little shop full of chocolate and macaroons where I had to stop to pick up a few pressies for back home. Got a coffee and a proscutio baguette.... plus a few macaroons and we were on our way. The streets where so beautiful, and the alps in the background where absolutely stunning. Let me tell you this, no photo will ever give what they eye sees in Switzerland, justice. Nevertheless we tried to take photos.... And they were still pretty.

Just as the sun was shining we decided to sit.. (lay) on the river banks. Absolutely beautiful time, we had to take it all in while we were there. The water was such an amazing crystal blue and pretty swans where swimming through, all in all Switzerland was very magical.

We got up after 2 hours on the river banks and went to a pub for lunch where the rest of the group met us... Then we went for a walk through to see the Swiss watches. We went to a rolex store, and the saw some Swiss army knives. Then as a group we all went out to dinner, it was really nice.

I was exhausted after our two days in Switzerland I had made the executive decision to stay home so everyone went back to the same pub we went to the night before. Turns out Croatia had won the soccer that night and apparently it was outrageous out on the streets! Absolute chaos. Fun time, definitiely loved Switzerland :)

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