Thursday, 5 July 2012


Austria was a whirlwind of a time... and for me quite frankly the only reason I was there for one reason, and one reason only... WHITE WATER RAFTING!

I have never been, and have always seemed to be quite fond of exhilarating experience.. ie. roller coasters. Anyway to get there was, of course, a bus ride away. I think that this was the day I was late on to the bus and couldn't sit next to my friends :( so I had to sit at the back of the bus by myself with a group of guys I didn't really speak to. So I kept to myself, conked out and woke up and we were in Austria - So I can't be too sure on how far away it actually was... Regardless, from what out I saw outside the windows was breath-taking. Imagine the most magical place with mountains, snow, clouds, blue crystal water. That! Is what I saw, breath-taking!

Once we arrived we stopped off at a little city called Leichenstein, where we got lunch, the waiter was so cute and so happy that we tipped him (I think we over-tipped him) ohwell, he was super cute and smiley. Then the next stop was rafting!

As soon as we got off the bus we pretty much got in to our little outfits, which were wetsuits, life jackets, shoes and helmet! We had a small raft of 6 with two guys who steered us. Lucky us, we got the guy who looked like Thor and his trainee guy haha. So we had a brief discussion about what was going to happen, then boom! Straight in to the water. The water we were rafting was actually the melted ice from the alps, so the water was freezing. Lucky me and Sam we got dunked in by Jye and Steve (the tour manager).

Then we were away, it was amazing! Such a cool experience, had to get used to the synchronisation of the paddling techniques though. We weren't very rough most of the time, then we hit the rough intense patches which was good fun! We even purposely went over board for the experience. I can't describe to you though how amazing it was to realise we were in Austria rafting, you look around you and in the middle of summer are snow covered alps, it was honestly so breath-taking and you had to take it all in.

Once we finished, we got given schnaps! to warm us up, we all had showers and were on our merry way! We then stopped for a shopping adventure in Austria where we got to visit the original Swarovski store! It was three stories high all of Swarovski crystals and jewelry! So exciting, so I got earrings, rings and necklace - Just had to! Plus was cheap.

We then ate the famous apple strudel and had a coffee. The surroundings around you were awesome! The shops were so cute and magical. I absolutely loved it! We then went back to the hotel had some dinner, and then everyone decided to mingle downstairs for a few drinks and watch the soccer! Everyone went a bit overboard with the drinking that night... Too many different flavoured schnaps! Haha, all in all Austria was successful! Next stop. ITALIAAA!!!

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