Sunday, 1 July 2012


Germany! So Germany was very quick pit-stop and we went to a small country town, St Goar, along the Rhine river of Germany. It was a much needed quite rest for everyone since Amsterdam.

First of all we got straight on to another boat cruise, where the sun was out and shining for a bit which was nice. It took us down the Rhine river where we got to take in the beautiful views. Once it docked we went for a wine tasting, everybody joked and called it the rape dungeon - which it was! It was located underneath the building, in the cellar, and it was cold and very creepy, and the only source of light was via candles.

The last thing I felt like drinking was wine, so I hardly took a sip of any that they showed me, but they gave us some cheese to taste with it, which I gladly took. Afterwards we went to a little shop that had all the beer cups and kegs that Germans are famous for. And then free time down the street where we stopped into a little cafe and bought some coffee and cake.

We all got back on to the bus and went to our German hotel and had some dinner. We went for a walk after dinner through the town to see what there was to do, turns out there was nothing to do, so we all stayed in the lobby of the hotel and hung out. Hanging out turned in to playing card games, and for some card games turned in to drinking games, and then it turned in to throwing cards at each other.... and then it was bed time. Haha, so Germany was quick and quiet and the next stop is Switzerland! :)

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