Friday, 20 July 2012


Finally... However with a bit of sadness we reach our final destination PAREE!!!

Instead of doing a walking tour through Paris, (because it's just so large and busy) we stayed on the bus and happily got driven around. We did however do a stop off at TOUR DE EIFFEL for a few happy snaps - and then we happily climbed it. The last time I was in Paris (2007 with my fam) I only reached the second level of the Eiffel tower, and that was as far as I needed to go. This time around however we all had tickets to go to the summit. So, we went to the top. The three amigo, myself, Samantha and Jye went up together, as now that we were tanned from Nice we could really appreciate Kanye and Jay-Z's famous song.. Niggas in Paris, and loved taking our little happy snaps, whilst of course listening to the song.

After we climbed the tower we went to our hotel and got ready for dinner. At dinner Jye had already been prepared and bought our table a bottle of champagne, I reciprocated this by purchasing another bottle, and low and behold our table got a little bit tipsy at dinner! After dinner the plan was to head to the Eiffel tower again to see it sparkle and light-up at night time. Plus Elliot (friend on the Contiki) had planned to propose to his girrrrrlfriend, which we all knew about and we're ready to celebrate.

To get to the tower, we caught the metro, kind of hilarious when your tipsy! And we ran from the metro straight to the Eiffel tower and made it just in time for the 11pm flashy lights (happens every hour, on the hour). We had brought 10 bottles of champagne with all of us to celebrate Elliot and Tijana's engagement - she said YES!

The next morning (our last day) we had the free day in Paris. We got up bright and early and went to the Louvre. Because we got there just as it opened we got straight in! Later in the day people were waiting for 2 hours! After the Louvre we went to visit the Love Lock bridge... A bit cute and romantic and met a few people at the Notre Dame. By this stage the weather had warmed up and it was a beautiful sunny day in Paris! We got our Parisian lunch at a little cafe near the Notre Dame which was very yummy! Then decided to head to the Champs Elysees. Jye, Sam and I decided to leave the group earlier to get to the hotel, because we needed to re-pack our bags! We made a stop off along the Sienne and bought some touristy stuff at the little shops along the river, then raced back home!

Tonight was the last night together, and the last night in Paris. Everybody got dressed up as half of the group were going to see a cabaret show. As Kiara and I had seen the Moulin Rouge last time we were in Paris we decided not to go. Instead we got a really nice dinner up the hill from the Moulin Rouge with a few others, near Sacre Couer - Which we walked up to after dinner.

We then met every one at a little club/pub rigggght next door to the Moulin Rouge, and it was already packed and it was party time! This place was so much fun! A lot of fun and upbeat music and everybody was really happy and having fun - We got up and danced all over the furniture (love Europe). A huge thing everyone was doing was putting tattoo's all over their bodies and everyone else. The fake one's of course, that you need water to put on. It was a really fun night to spend with everyone.

The next morning we had to leave for the Charles De Gaul airport by 7.45 AM!!! So we got up bright and early grabbed our bags and pretty much jumped on the bus and left for the airport! It was heart-breaking saying goodbye to our Contiki family, especially my besties Sam and Jye (as they are both staying on for a few months - SO jealous). But it's not goodbye its SEE YOU LATER! :)

And so it goes- The end of our European summer adventure and Contiki tour. A lot of fun, amazing times, and new friends, a truly unforgettable and amazing trip! So glad that I have the pictures and memories and I will most definitely not stop traveling. Our flight from Paris went to Hong Kong, and then from Hong Kong, home to Adelaide, a whirlwind European holiday success :) 

Coralie James 

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