Friday, 20 July 2012


On our way to France we stopped off at Pisa to..... see the leaning tower of Pisa!

What a cool landmark to see, and indeed I could not actually believe how much they screwed up this building... How could they get it so wrong? The building was leaning so much! So of course we had to get our typical touristy pictures with the tower itself, and then we had a little competition with the group to see who could get the most interesting and unique picture with it. So everyone decided that I would lay on top of it, so Jye and Kameron helped me out there and lifted me up!

We then spent most of the day on the bus, but our destination was Nice! Where we would visit Monaco, the Monte Carlo casino and the French Riviera. We were running out of time and had only 20 minutes.. Yes I repeat only 20 minutes to get ready to go to dinner and then to Monte Carlo. So after our rushed getting ready everybody managed to get themselves ready which was awesome, and off we went.

The dinner we had was amazing, and the area where we were was absolutely stunning! Everything is perfect in Monaco, absolutely immaculate. We went past the church that Grace Kelly got married in, very pretty. The amount of yachts and Ferarris in Monaco was insane.

After dinner we went to the Monte Carlo casino, which is an absolutely amazing building which really oozes money and wealth! One of the gamblers was actually tipping the guys who worked there, 150 euro! They just throw their cash away here, purely because they can! One thing that made my night was one lady came up to me, said that she loved my dress and asked where I got it from - and I got to say that I got it in London!

After our little trip to Monte Carlo, it was a Saturday night and we decided to head out. Steve, the tour manager, took us to a seedy little pub thing behind the beach, and because of the Euro Cup it was absolutely packed and gross! I was not happy about spending my Saturday night in Monaco in... A seedy pub. So I went home early!

The next day was Sunday! We planned a really relaxing day at the beach.... We ended up spending 7 hours tanning on the beach. The weather was amazing and its safe to say we all got our European tan that day, everyone was a few shades darker (success!).

Once we got back to the hotel we all changed for dinner, and then after dinner, it was Wayne's bar second time round. I tried to think more positively about it this time round. We were the first ones there and it wasn't as crowded as the night before. Because of Contiki we got a few free drinks then had to buy the rest. So we all happily enjoyed each others company. Then a live Band started to play which was cool, and the chairs and tables that you sit on, turn into the dance floor! So everyone was dancing on the furniture, it was pretty cool. Next day.....  We were off to stay in a haunted Chateau in the middle of France!

The Chateau was pretty cool, it was large, and creepy! We all freaked ourselves out to make things more fun, especially considering we were spending the night there. They had a huge pool there as well so after we got off the bus we all wandered down and spent some time there. That night every body decided to play murder in the dark. I most definitely did not participate I was scared enough as it was! Then a bunch of other people, including my sister, decided to get drunk on cheap wine, dance on the furniture and jump in the pool. I stayed with Sam when she skyped her mum in Melbourne. That night I stayed up watching French cartoons till the early morning, it was quite hilarious to watch! Tomorrow, we are off to Paris! Our last few days together!

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