Friday, 20 July 2012


Turns out neons are back... The whole time I was overseas I tried very hard to ignore this fact. I saw bright electric multi-coloured necklaces from across the room, although they did look nice, not once did I pick one up to even attempt to think that I would buy it. Because only 5 years earlier when I was there, fluro, was in and I couldn't fathom that it was back so suddenly. Does it only takes 5 years to re-juvinate fashion? Shit. I thought it went in decades i.e. 60's, 80's, 90's. 

Now that I'm back and the new season stock is arriving in the stores all of the neons, as well as pastel colours are coming in. And to my surprise, I like them! I think its because now I get the grasp that it is the new fashion for Summer 13 I can accept it and become to like it! Mint green is my new IT colour, lime green  was always my favourite, but the pastels will be fun to mix and match, especially with a great Summer tan!  

Even if you look at the Sass and Bide Autumn Winter Collection the highlight yellow necklaces and statement  pieces where the indications of the new IT colours of Summer 2013. 

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