Sunday, 1 July 2012


Yeah wow! So the very first night together, and our Contiki group got that much closer... The tour manager Steve announced that we are all going to see a Sex Show.

So, the bus ride from the ferry (from London) I made friends with Samantha, and Jye. We all just clicked because we realised we all loved the same music, and all loved to go out and party, so it was exciting to think about all the fun times ahead. So we arrived at our hotel in Amsterdam, had some dinner and got ready to go out.

We first of all had a walking tour around the city, and then through the Red Light District where we got to see the famous girls in the windows... Haha and Jye and I spotted a guy and his friend leaving one of the room, cracking up laughing - Someone just got lucky!

And then we made it.... We entered the sex show. Upon arrival the boys were given lolly pop in the shape of boobies, and the girls were given lolly pops in the shape of a penis, hilarious haha. As soon as we walked in there was a couple on stage just going at it, and then another and another. And lucky us, the whole time they were getting busy, we were just sitting back, relaxing and drinking our free drinks.

After an hour we got kicked out and we had a free night out on the town, so where do you go with some free time in Amsterdam? Ahh none other than a coffee shop! So off we all go to the famous Grasshopper. A three-story building, first level is the coffee shop, next level is a club, next level is food (munchies). Five of us went in together to get a gram of weed and then we realised none of u knew how to roll it.. Ohh no! Lucky there were some random American girls there that did it for us! So there you go, I officially smoked weed in an Amsterdam coffee shop.

The next day we all went for a morning bicycle ride through Amsterdam. The city is renowned for their bicycles, you have to watch out for them, they won't stop for you and WILL run you over. Anywho, the ride was awesome, I love riding granny bikes.

Afterwards we went to lunch, and walked to the Heineken factory which was a pretty cool experience. And then of course HAD to visit the "Iamsterdam" sign, and took photos and posed for a good hour.

We then met the rest of the Contiki group, a quick clothing change and went out to dinner. Everywhere we went we got free drink which was awesome, and after dinner we went on a boat cruise through the city, the cruise was for 90mins and the rule was, drink all you can in that 90mins. And drink in deed we did. I do not even remember getting off the boat. And this is where I made the song "Call me maybe" a 'thing' on the tour.After the boat ride we went club-hopping. For me, it was a whirlwind party time. I do not remember a thing... And I guess, thats Amsterdam for you! Good times, good company, good memories :) - Off to Germany!

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