Monday, 9 July 2012


So... We get to Florence with a much hungover bus-load of people. And today happened to be the day we got our group photo... Good times for many! I however was feeling fresh and excited for Florence! Now, I never thought much of Florence, that is until the entire cast of Jersey Shore shot season 4 over there. So I was interested to see what it was all about. 

Once we got outside we were over-whelmed with the heat, I love European summer! We were obviously parked on top of a look out as our surroundings was amazing views of orange topped buildings, was spectacular! We got a massive group photo of the entire Contiki group, and our own individual ones with our own cameras. We went for a walk through the town and visited a lot of local markets and shops. We then met with a tour guide who took us around the major sites in Florence, where we got to see the statue of David and a few other famous statues. We then entered the major shopping area where we got to spend our free time. As it was our last day in Italy we had to make sure that we got some gelati while we went shopping. 

After our free-day in Florence we had to meet the group at 5 at a horse monument. Jye thought we had it all down pat.... however on the way to meet the group we got lost. There was no site of anyone in the group and it was about 15 minutes past 5... I started freaking out, and we had to run from one side of Florence to the other in 30 something degree heat and only wearing thongs. It was hard work and I definitely felt like we were on the Amazing Race or something. We ended up having to find a cab and get them to take us to our hotel. Crisis averted. 

Once we got to our hotel, we got ready for our dinner out in Tuscany. Every body got nicely dressed and it was all very exciting. Once we got to our dinner it was an amazing villa type thing with a very pretty garden. We ate a four or five course dinner complete with live entertainment, was very nice. The start of a good night, because afterwards the entire group was going out! We were going to Space Nightclub the same club that Jersey would go out in when they were in town. So we were eager to check it out. c

They do an interesting thing at Space where you get a card upon entering which is worth 50 euro of drinks, and you use this to get your drinks at the bar so there is no messy dealing with money, at the end of the night you pay what you used of the card and get a receipt. The receipt will get you out of the club, easy done!

So we all had a good night! Very fun, huge nightclub.. The only thing it was a RnB type vibe which I wasn't really digging. And on a Friday night it was a WET T-SHIRT competition. Wowza! This was not a wet t-shirt competition, this was a boobs galore competition, very intense but really hilarious. What a way to end our time in Italy. Next stop France!

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