Monday, 9 July 2012


We arrive in Rome and the first thing we see is the Colosseum and it all seems so surreal - How could we be actually witnessing the real Colosseum, the same building that stood thousands of years ago, the amount of people died in there, the building we read about in our history books. It just didn't make sense, and I couldn't seem to fathom that we were there. Nevertheless as soon as we got out of the bus, everyone damn sure had their cameras out and took as many photos as they could.

We started the day off with a walking tour. So we began from the Colosseum, and walked through all of the ancient ruins in Rome, down to the centre of the city. There we stopped to have dinner, and then following dinner we continued our walk. We went straight to the Trevi fountain which was amazing and of course made our wishes. You make three wishes, one was to wish to return to Rome (which I would love to do), the second was a wish of your own, and the third was a wish to get married, or divorced? Not really sure what that was about, but nevertheless I still threw three in... Just in case.

We stopped to get Gelati to walk around with, then we went to see the Pantheon. We then went to a square (wish I knew what it was called) where the artists of Rome come out and sell their work. It was an awesome place to be apart of because the art work and paintings were spectacular.

Everyone kept talking about Lemon Cello, which was a sort of spirit that the Italians drink. We found a bottle-o which were actually giving out free samples of it. It was a very strong sort of shot, and it also came in different flavours, like peach, strawberry, chocolate. After our walk through Rome, we got the bus back to the hotel and decided all to go out to the local pub! Called Moe's. And indeed there were lots of Simpson's themed pictures inside. A local band was playing so we decided to get a few drinks and support this band. Wasn't a bad way to end the night.

Next morning, we all got up bright and early in our Summer dresses (the weather, was very very hot), and headed back into the city. But we caught the public transport.... GAH! The trains were packed and it was horrible. Either way, today was a good day, first stop was the Vatican! We got a tour through the Vatican and the Sistene Chapel. 
Once again we needed our scarves from Venice to
wrap around our legs and shoulders. It was very packed, full of tourists, but the place was insane, so much beautiful detailed artworks. We visited the biggest Church in the world, and it was indeed. So detailed and amazing, and many stories behind the meaning of the statues in side and what the Pope will and will not do, concerning the historics of the church itself. The Sistene Chapel, I did not know, but you are not allowed to speak or say a word inside. There were guards there screaming "SHHHHHH" to everyone who was secretly whispering to one another. But we saw the famous paintings of Michael Angelo and the famous "Creating of Adam" picture of the father and son holding hands.

Once we finished the tour, the weather was amazing outside and put everyone in such a positive and good mood. We went to the Spanish steps which was awesome, and then and went and got an Italian lunch. After lunch it was SHOPPING TIME! Kiara, Jye, Sam and I all went off and roamed the street of Rome to go shopping. And a positive day it was. After a few hours of shopping we went to visit the Colosseum again, we didn't get a chance to go inside, but we took better photos from outside this time. We went back to the hotel, and to go back we got cab driver who we bartered for, 50 euro to go to the hotel and back and for him to wait for us to get changed (into our night time outfits) and he agreed.

I swear there are no road rules in Italy, he was weaving in and out of cars, driving 130 up the road, insane, but lots of fun. We got back inside, quickly got changed and hopped back into the cab. He dropped us off and we decided to get some dinner, pizza of course. We sat outside on the street of Rome and watched Italy play in the EuroCup, was very great moment to look back on, lots of fun!

Afterwards we met the group at a little bar for pre-drink where we watched everyone play beer-pong, a few girls from America that were on tour with us, bet the world champions, they were absolutely devastated, was pretty hilarious to watch. Me, Kiara, Jye and Sam decided to go for a wander through the streets of Rome where it is always happening. Such a beautiful place, every street is picturesque and unique. We took a few happy snaps and were on our way.

The plan was to go out to this bar for pre-drinks, 20 euro for all you can drink for 2hours and then head off to one of the biggest clubs in Rome... hmmmm we were all home by 12. Turns out no body can handle their alcohol and everyone ended up dropping like flies and vomitting! Was kind of hilarious the extremity of the situation, how could everyone be that DRUNK! I was the smallest person there, yet somehow managed to handle everything haha. So we all went back to the hotel and got some rest for Florence the next day.

Overall Rome was such an amaaaaaaaaaaaazing city. I absolutely loved it, and the happy sunny warm days and great company made it all that better! :)

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