Sunday, 1 July 2012


YAY!!!! SO excited... Start of the trip! Obviously I could not sleep the very last night in Australia, was just super excited to get out of the country and begin this adventure. I could finally focus on enjoying it as the last few weeks leading up to it where pretty crazy. So much uni work, and I still had to bring my laptop along and try get an assignment done while I was over there.

So we arrived at the airport, after thoroughly going through our luggage and hoping that we had packed everything!! The suitcases already weighed 18 and the limit is 20... So pretty scared about how we will get home after all the shopping that I planned to do, mostly in London (HELLO Zara, Top Shop and H&M).

So the first flight was from Adelaide to Melbourne... Whoo :| a whole hour start on the million hour flight. Great. So we had to get off the plane in Melbourne, and then back on to pick up more passengers. Then the next stop was Hong Kong and the flight was fine I had the new season of Dexter to catch up on :)

So we get to Hong Kong and our connected flight is on the other side of the airport, so we have to jump on a train that takes us to the other side, and by the time we went through security we made it to the flight and off we went to London!!!

So once we got to London we had a big english breakfast and waited for the shops to open on Oxford St! And shopping we did do indeed :).

That night we had a group meeting to meet everyone in our Contiki group, then Kiara and I went and explored London a little more, because we have been before we didn't miss out on much of the tourists sites which is good. So we just covered the London eye and Big Ben and did a stroll through England town. Buckingham Palace was closed due to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.
The next day was our departure to Amsterdam :)

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