Sunday, 8 April 2012

Six-degrees of seperation

I think it's all quite funny really... the way the world works in mysterious ways. The way in which you can be talking about something or someone and then within the next hour or so you find yourself in the exact situation or seeing that same person that you had just mentioned. Everyone excuse for it is... "It's Adelaide". Meaning that this city is so small, everybody knows everyone. Or the other saying, "It's a small world", which indeed it is.

My mum was telling me about the theory of the 'six degrees of seperation' which means that through every single person that we know, we know other people, through other people. For example 'a friend, of a friend of mine'. Essentially we have met everybody in this world, through the six degrees of seperation theory.

Anyway, back to my wacky story; my bestfriend/roomie Steph and I went out to dinner last night. We decided to go and get $6 gourmet pizzas from Botanic Bar. Best pizzas ever and they are so cheap! And at the best place ever. If you ever want to go to the Botanic, its open every single night and is good every single night, I love it.

After our dinner we went for a walk down Rundle Street, just to see what was happening and we ended up seeing a dinner table full of our friends! So we went over to say hello and low and behold it was the birthday dinner of the guy we were just talking about 20 minutes before.

This guy used to play for the Socceroo's and somehow ended up playing for Adelaide United, he lives across from my work in Westlakes so I have seen him and a group of other guys, literally every single day that I am work-it's crazy!

Steph used to be in-love with him and I was telling her how funny it is that I see him everyday at work, and here we are sitting in a restaurant singing happy birthday to him while his birthday cake comes out. How wacky!

Adelaide never ceases to amaze me... Everybody is everywhere! And no matter who you meet, you always know someone that they know. Six degrees of seperation people!!

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