Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Around August last year Cosmopolitan was doing a competition called the U-Ambassador. 
The competition was sponsored by U-By Kotex and the winner of the competition got to write their own article each month for a year-as well as many other cool prizes! 
Of course I entered! I was so excited at the prospect of writing for Cosmo and any oppurtunity I can get I enter in the hopes of making a lead in my career. 
To enter the competition you could write about any sort of issue! I thought long and hard about what I could write, something humanitarian, to touch on the environment and world topics, something about fashion, or something every girl can relate to; relationships. This is the piece that I produced - I hope that you like it!

Girls want it all.
So, as the general rule of life goes, once you stop wanting something, you get it.
We want the perfect man, the perfect dress, the perfect hair, the perfect tan, perfect shoes – and the list is absolutely, ridiculously endless. We want it all, and why can’t we have it all? 
Let me ask you this. If you had finally found the man of your dreams, everything you have ever wanted or dreamt about in a man, what would you do if the “one that got away” came back? The one you lost, but thought was the only one you would ever love.
"So what good is choosing between right or wrong, if someone you care for is left hurt and you’re left wondering?"

Just as you had finally picked up the pieces, moved on and found somebody who loves you back.
Would you risk it all and run back to your lost love? Thinking it could end somewhat like Carrie and Big, or the Notebook.
It’s a gamble, life is a gamble. Do you follow your head or your heart? There may be one logical answer, but if you choose with your head, you will always feel with your heart; nothing means anything, unless your heart is in it.
So what good is choosing between right or wrong, if someone you care for is left hurt and you’re left wondering?
Do we even have time to wonder, or is life too short to fulfil every one of our desires? Do we have to just dive head first in to what we want living life without thought; is that the best option?

By Coralie Redden, 2011

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