Tuesday, 3 April 2012


A fresh start! Is sometimes the most needed thing. I have re-freshed my blog! And have had an attempt to re-fresh my life! Last week I cut my hair short. I have always loved shorter hair and have always had shorter hair. Just because long hair is an "IT" thing at the moment, does not mean everybody needs to have it... Anyway!

I can not begin to even tell you how different my life has become! One, I have moved out of home! Two, I now have a boyfriend, three, I have a new car! Four, I am in my third year of uni, five, I have a new job!

Yep! I've made the huge decision to move out of home for the first time. My auntie just had her baby, baby Hartley, born on April 1, 2012 - Yes, he is indeed an April Fool's baby!
Because of this Nicole and her husband Travis decided to move out of their apartment near the city and buy a house in the suburbs. They did this and guess who got the apartment. I did! Me and Stephanie moved in at the end of February, life has been so much easier since!

Second big news, I have a boyfriend yes! His names is James and all you need to know is that I couldn't be happier with him. :) :) 

Thirdly I got a new car over this last few weeks. My hand me down car from my sister pretty much nearly blew up! It had died on me just as I was pulling in to you uni! Funnily enough as it died I had just pulled in to a park, so I was very lucky. I had to call the RAA to come and help me. Being an RAA member definitely does come in handy.

Four; yep I am in my third year of uni and things are heating up! I am trying my absolute hardest to try my very best this semester as there is one year left and I am in the real world, looking for a career! So by being great at uni will definitely help improve my chances afterwards.

And the fifth biggest change is that I have a new job! I have actually been at it since December, working at David Jones. I began as a Christmas Casual in Ladies Shoes, very exciting. My time there I did buy many pairs of shoes as you can imagine. I also did a bit of work in cosmetics which was fun. After the new year I was asked to stay on as an employer and I now work in Menswear which is a lot of fun!

Fair to say a lot has changed so far this year, but all for the good, each year we are all going to change and evolve and it's all about growing up essentially!


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