Sunday, 21 October 2012


I love a perfectly executed outfit! And with mother-nature having a mind of her own and a few mood swings here and there you just never know what to wear when you wake up in the morning. Tran-seasonal clothes I like to call it - A lot of fun as well. It gives you the opportunity to mix-and-match winter and summer clothes. Here are a few of my fav set-ups I have come across recently that do just that:

Such a cute pair of booties and sun-glasses. I love the colour-scheme of this outfit, with the baby-pinks and brown booties, it gives off a real nude theme (very Rag & Bone), although the cable-knit is quite a wintery look, the light colour gives a real sense of freshness and a spring feel. A perfect outfit for a gloomy morning, all of a sudden turned nice afternoon.

This is a fun tran-seasonal outfit because you can wear a knit, with shorts! The best part of all you can still wear boots, because let's admit spring is still a season where closed-shoes are more appropriate then open-toed flats (unless the day has reached a max of 30 degrees by mid-day then that's totally acceptable). But you honestly can't go wrong with a nice pair of black ankle boots, and loving the splash of colour in the bright yellow clutch!

Bearing in mind the nude-theme I mentioned earlier this outfit pretty much oozes that. Leather shorts and skirts are really a huge trend right now and pairing it with a nude top it becomes even more of a statement. The YMC sandals are perfect for spring and the awkward transition between cold and hot seasons because they're closed toed sandals - Perfect! Finish the outfit off with a nice pendant and sunglasses and you are good to go!

I am absolutely loving the fore-finger rings at the moment. They're so cute and different!

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