Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Sometimes there is nothing better than just spending your day off dressing up in a cute-day outfit and meeting your girl friends for coffee or lunch.

Even though today's weather pretty much was the definition of a cold wintery day, it was the perfect excuse to catch-up for a coffee. I met my uni friends Sophie and Bianca on the Parade and had a much needed catch-up. Bianca just got back from America, and was yet to fill us in. Afterwards, I headed down to Rundle street and I met my work friend Laura for some lunch! And a browse through the shops of course. Sometimes, to feel as if you have done at least something with your day and feel a little accomplished, a lunch date is all you need - The gossip sesh's will do you a world of good. 

Ps. I would give anything to take a bite of this delicious white mud chocolate cake right now! Mmmm delish!

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