Monday, 23 July 2012


Nailpolish is more in than ever at the moment!!! And the key is multi-coloured and two-toned nails! Trends at the moment involves shading, going from nail to nail in the darker colour, to the medium shade of the colour, down to the lightest. As well as a solid colour on one hand, with one finger that is completely different. For instance, at the moment I have a green colour on one hand, but my index finger is orange. On the other side of my hand I have a orange, with my wedding finger in green. Completely random, different and fun! And there are always a ton of different and never ending options!

Lips on the other hand, nice shades of pink lips as well as bright orange are eye-catching and fun! A bit of colour popping never goes astray and it adds colour to any outfit. 

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