Sunday, 3 June 2012


So... The countdown is over! Tomorrow we are off to Europe, yay!
In saying that I did have to prepare quite a lot to get things finished before I go away. Have finally finished a few major assignments and 2 subjects are done! 2 left! Unfortunately I have to attempt to finish a major worth 50% while I am away.... Lame! And when I get back I have an exam. But, soon enough it will be done! I cannot wait.
So I had the weekend off of work which was good and on Friday night I went out to dinner with my work friends! We have been trying to plan it for ages and we finally all got together. There where 5 of us and we went to some Thai place on Rundle Street, was really good and we all ended up sharing 4 bottles of champagne together. We went to Distill afterwards for a little bit.

Saturday night my friend Cess was down from Sydney which was exciting so we got to catch up with her. All in all I had a good weekend, am all packed and ready to go to Europe! Excited and cannot wait!

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