Thursday, 24 May 2012

Party dresses!

So, on Sunday Steph and I braved all of our original thoughts and braveddd attending a Loreto 21st party. Coming from a co-ed school in the burbs, we didn't really mix with the town schools and the way they live their lives, which is actually a lot different. I thought it was crazy enough that I had found a boyfriend who went to the most expensive boy school in Adelaide, and there are definitely differences between us! So imagine an all girls school!

We had met a few of the girls from earlier occassions and they were nice enough, so we knew we had a few girls there to talk to. I don't think that there is anything worse than being the two newbies in the corner of a party filled with people everyone knows. Definitely hard. But one of the girls seemed to have a lot of beef with us, purely because we knew her boyfriend and friends. Eeek!

Anyway, what caught my eye was the fact that even though it was absolutely freezing outside, the girls all had dresses and wedges on????

Okay one, wedges are Summer shoes, two, why dresses it's freezing! I had worn white and maroon collard shirt from Bardot, with a leopard print belt over shorts and grey patterened tights, I was atleast a little bit warm. But these girls insisted on wearing party dresses. And don't get me wrong, they looked awesome! And they were dressed immacuately. I was going with the idea that in Winter I would attempt to dress in a nice party way... But just warmer. I guess attending this party was the memo that this is not the idea...... Still dress in cute party dresses! 
And where do you get cute party dressed from you may ask... Easy Lucy in the sky they have super cute dresses! But you have to get in quick, as they are nearly alway sold out. Really sucks! 

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