Thursday, 3 May 2012

Inside the cave!

So, it's now May and we are well and truly on to our third month of living out of home. And yep, surprise surprise everyone, we are still alive!

Last Saturday morning Steph and I woke up surprisingly early for a weekend, and all of a sudden were sick of the way the place looked. So, low and behold we changed it all around. We whipped out the vacuum cleaner, re-arranged the coffee tables and pushed the couches around. Steph mentioned to me halfway through the move that she had killed a cockroach the week before, so it is quite possible we would run in to the disgusting earth crawler, with the re-arranging of the room. YEP! We came across it! Lucky our friend Chris was over so, being a man, we used him to his full advantage to get rid of it! When he did we asked him to put it in the outside bin... Being a boy he accidently put it into the neighbours bin, which ironically enough, totally hates us. So sucked in neighbour. We put a cockroach in your bin. Ha-ha!

Anyway, our spontaneous morning decision to change around the room resulted in a Saturday day trip to Ikea where we bought a new rug and cute curtains. Now the place looks even more super cute! Yay!

Even though we don't have much room, or furniture to play around with to make our place, the most ideal apartment to have. It can't stop me from admiring beautifully and artistically placed "things" in other people's apartment. The interior decorating of some apartments out there are amazing! I totally aspire to them and cannot wait until I have my own bigger, larger, town-house or apartment that I am free to decorate myself in its entirety. Here are some cool pics that I love! I'm really digging the white walls, with black trimming look, with a splash of colour on the walls, or pillows.

Ps. Totally stole the magazine pile against the wall, look

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