Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New company and red boots

Last Friday night me and my roomie, Steph, ventured out of our comfortable surroundings. We went out with new friends.
Steph goes to uni with one of the girls and we knew the other girl through her boyfriend. Actually we know both of their boyfriends. Which happen to now be ex-boyfriends - Therefore, girls night it was!
We went out to tapas at a place called Orientai, Lucy one of the new girls used to work there so we trusted her , and a banquet we got! It was delicious, worst part is I don't even know what we ordered, so have no chance of eating it again.... Unless we bring Lucy.

After dinner we went back to Phoebe's place, for pre-drinks, not for me however, I was designated driver that night. Responsible I know.

Then we went to Distill. A cool lounge bar, and very fun on Fridays. They have a theme called "Au-Haus" where they turn upstairs into a bit of a lounge-room, or bedroom.... there was a bed.
Anyway fun times occurred and my new red boots where worn in. Moral of the story is, buy red boots and make new friends.

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