Monday, 16 April 2012

That shit cray

Isn't it funny... How our bodies have a mind of their own, are so smart, that even the slightest smell, noise or touch can trigger our memories from an exact moment or time in our past. 

For instance, in December/January 11-12 I had a mad obsession with Kanye West (Ps. Still do) however I had burnt three of his albums Watch the Throne with Jay-Z, 808's and Heartbreak, and I listened to it on repeat, everyday for days, weeks, and 2 months. Now.... The CD is broken, devastation.

So today, when I pulled out my laptop to attempt some uni work I have the three albums on my laptop, so I played them as background music - Nothing like a bit of light rap for some study music. Anyway the sound of the music completely took me back to 3-4 months ago, what I wore, where I was going, it felt like I was re-living the memories. I love that feeling, so good!

Also... On a side note, how annoying is it when somebody outbids you on e-bay!! 


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