Friday, 11 March 2011

Oh you guyss!!


Since Arj Barker was in town for the Fringe. I got inspired to re-watch "Flight of the Conchords". It is hilarious! And I love Arj in it as Dave :)

How did Dave get a hottie like that,
 to a party like this?
"Good one Dave"
                           "YOU'RE A LEGEND DAVE!!"

Here are some hilarious quotes and memories from Flight of the Conchords

Mugger: What is this? Why does this phone have a camera glued to it?
Bret: It's a camera phone. Jemaine wanted one for his birthday
Mugger: [To other mugger] Look at this. [To Bret] Oh yeah? Where'd you get it?
Bret: I made it. It's homemade.
Mugger: Yeah, it's a piece of shit.
Bret: Well, how come Jemaine likes it so much?
Jemaine: You can have it.

Bret: So he wouldn't serve us basically just because we're from New Zealand.
Jemaine: Is that the norm?
Dave: Well, you guys are in America now, and there's a lot of prejudism here. Especially towards people like you.
Bret: What do you mean, people like us?
Dave: You know, the English and what not, red coats, the oppressors...
Jemaine: We're not English.
Dave: Be that as it may Jemaine, you're pretty much the most disliked race in this whole country.
Jemaine: What about black people?
Dave They don't like you either. Neither do the Chinese, the Asians, Polish, Russian, Cro-Asians, even the Indians.
Bret: Yeah, but Dave, you're Indian. D'you hate us?
Dave: Yeah, sometimes.
Jemaine: But you're our best friend.
Dave: I know.

Murray: I'm so angry, I feel like swearing.
Bret: Oh, Murray, you wouldn't swear at us.
Murray: Go Fuck yourself, Bret!

Jemaine: You don't even know anything about threesomes.
Bret: Have you ever had a threesome?
Jemaine: Nearly.Bret: What do you mean, nearly?
Jemaine: I've had a twosome.
Bret: Wow. What was that like?
Jemaine: Great. I've done it several times, man.
Bret: Just one of you here... and then one.. Oh well then, I've had a twosome!

Bret: I would never go out with an Australian!
Jemaine: But if you were to, I would be fine with it.
Bret: When I first met you you tried to have me deported from New Zealand because you thought I was an Australian.
Jemaine: That was a misunderstanding; you were wearing a vest top.
Bret: My mum gave me that; thought it made me look like Bruce Willis.
Jemaine: Well it didn’t, it made you look like an Australian!

Bret: Did she sound Australian? Australian accent?
Jemaine: Yes, yes.
Bret: What did it sound like?
Jemaine: Kind of like an evil version of our accent.

(Bret and Murray leave the pawn shop, still looking for Jemaine)
Dave: Okay, they're gone
Jemaine: Thank you, Dave.
Dave: Yeah, don't worry about it guys. I just think it's really cool that you love each other, even though you're from Austria and you're from some place no one's even fucking heard of.
Keitha: Australia.
Jemaine: New Zealand.
Dave: Exactly. Because it shouldn't matter where you're from when love's involved. It's like that movie - "Interracial Hole Stretchers 2" - she was white; they were black. But it didn't matter in the end, did it? Because they were in love.
Jemaine: I haven't...I haven't seen that one.
Dave: Well, it really affected me.

Bret: I have a girlfriend, but she doesn't know I exist.
Dave: But you do exist don't you? [pokes Bret]
Bret: Yeah, I exist.
Dave: Well, why did you say you came from Never Never Land?
Bret and Jemaine: New Zealand.
Dave: But you guys said you flew here!
Jemaine: On a plane, Dave. A plane.

You can totally learn from these guys too :)

"Oh leggie blonde you got it going on.
Wanna see you wearing that
See you breaking it
 down till the break of dawn.....

"Bret, you got it going on.
The ladies will get to know your sexuality when they get to know your personality.
I said, Bret, you got it going on.
Not in a gay way, just in a
"hey mate, I wanted to say that you're looking okay, mate."
Why can't a heterosexual guy,
Tell a heterosexual guy that he thinks his booty is fly.
Not all the time,
just when he's got a problem with his self esteem.
Don't let anybody tell you you're not humpable.
Because you're bumpable.
Well, I hope this doesn't make you feel uncomfortable.
If I say you've got a boom ow-ow"

"I'm not crying. It's just been raining on my face"

"I've got hurt feelings...."

"To many Mother 'Uckers. 'Ucking with my shit!"

Girl: Parlez-vous le francais?
Jermaine: Eh?
Girl: Eh? Parlez-vous le francais?
Jermaine:Uh...... No
Girl: Hmmmm

FLIPPING the bird!

Love your stuff, guys!


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