Friday, 11 March 2011

A love story...

"They were in-love.
 You could tell by the way they
 looked at eachother, like
they had the most
wonderful secret
in the world between them"

He said 'goodnight' and took off his disguise. He was just another sweet talker, with the worst kind of intentions...

♥ ♥ ♥

"You held my hand when I was lonley and you kissed me when I was weak.
You hugged me when I was vulnerable and looked into my eyes and smiled.

You miss my calls when when I am lonley and you dont text me when I am weak.
You kiss me when I am vulnerable and leave me... without a smile"

My wings for when you make me fall....
They bring me back

When I first saw you. I smiled because I fell in-love.

You smiled because you knew.

Is it too late to remind you of how we were?

Kinda like...

You were made perfectly for me... You'll see
"Bend the pieces until they fit. Like they were made for it"

He gave her a rose...
She gave him her heart,
but it didn't matter.
Because he broke it.

"And she said... I'd trade all the money in the world,
just to make you stay..."

"Distance is for those knowing a good thing when they see it.
Even if they dont see it nearly enough..."

A memory is a way of holding onto things you love.
The things you never want to lose.
"If you're a bird
I'm a bird"

You smile when you feel like crying.
You act like your okay when your falling apart inside.
 And you let go. You move on. Because there's nothing else you can do...

It's all up in the air, and we stand still to see what comes down.
I dont know where it is... I don't know when...
But, I want you around.

I hate that I'm losing you, but I think that you miss me too.
Somehow... That makes me feel better.

Is this what you wanted?
Too bad, it's what you got!
Should this be my farwell?
Come on...
YOU know ME too well

It was the end of Summer. It was the end of alot of things.

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