Wednesday, 13 March 2013


I am all about Nicole Richie's latest gettups, she is completely babein' and honing in on a very Rachel Zoe-esuqe look. Which is quite funny as Nicole swapped stylists from Zoe to Harouche. Regardless she is extremely trendy these days and dare I say maybe even a little 'designer-chic' getting snapped about town in the latest IT items, especially after the most recent fashion weeks. This actually comes as no surprise to me, as of late every time I seem to compliment someone on their amazing accessories it turns out they are House of Harlow pieces, aaaand I still am yet to get some of those amazing and unique little creations in to my life as I feel they are very me! So too are Nicole's kits.

I will be sure to take a leaf out of this gals style-book (or rather her stylist's, Simone Harouche)

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