Tuesday, 15 January 2013


So I spent the weekend in Sydney for a catch-up with two of my besties Sam and Jye. We all met on Contiki in Europe last year and had the best time. We all have so much in common and have the best fun together. Sam spent 4 months traveling after Contiki and Jye spent 6 months, getting back in December. After all of the festivities in December (Christmas, New Years etc) we had a spare minute to finally catch-up after 6 months apart. We spent the weekend tanning mostly, reminiscing, eating and doing what we do best, partying! All we have to do now is continue our visits, as we all live in seperate cities Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide! It's awesome knowing you can make life long friends after a Contiki trip. Now we all share some amazing memories with each other with plenty more to come.

In Europe: French Riviera

Rome (Jye's hair has grown a whole lot in the meantime)

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