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"artofaztec requires three things; a fearless attitude, love for rock 'n' roll and a rebellious heart" 

ARTOFAZTEC is an Adelaide clothing brand created by two-stylish ladies about town, Renae and Ema! I love the unique looks and grunge-esque vibe they create and also rock themselves. It is a premium clothing label, founded in January 2012. The use of recycled denim and vintage threads are found throughout their handcrafted designs! 

The once small creative idea they imagined has turned it self in to a successful online store, in less than a year! With their up-coming SS13 designs well underway I spoke to both Renae and Ema about their personal styles, as well as the inspiration behind artofaztec!

What made you decide to create artofaztec?
We are both lovers of the unusual; the label was created due to interest peers and onlookers expressed for our vintage finds and customised clothing. We believe that fashion is the most individual when it cannot be bought in quantity.
 Tell us how you incorporate both aspects of vintage and recycled denim in to your pieces?
Our store is made up of 100% vintage pieces from all over Australia. We spend a lot of time searching for the perfect denim and threads that represent our label.

 We recreate the denim by fraying, studding and dyeing. At the moment we are working in conjunction with an incredible Adelaide based artist, Mathias Alexandrou. He drew the skull design for our label and we will be working with him to create denim vests that have customised free hand drawings on them, completely handcrafted and one of a kind.
Where did you find the inspiration behind your clothing label?
We draw a lot of our inspiration from the pieces we discover trawling through vintage stores. Our style is very much drawn from our fashion icons; people like Kate Moss, Erin Wasson. At the moment we lust over Cara Delevingne; we love that quirky humour she brings to the way she dresses herself. We are very much drawing on that for our label at the moment.

What are the future visions for AOA?
We are currently designing for SS13; some great pieces are on the drawing board at the moment. People have expressed that although they love our JUNK LUXE range, they are missing out on pieces they absolutely love due to the items selling out quicker than they can purchase them.

 We still want JUNK LUXE at the forefront of our label, but are currently designing pieces that will be made in larger quantities. Some higher fashion pieces will hit the artofaztec website very soon…. And possibly stores in the next few months!
Tell us about all of the pieces available on the artofaztec website? 
Most of the items we develop a very strong attachment to. Once we have found them, recreated them and photographed them we are very hesitant to let them go. Most pieces reflect exactly what we would buy ourselves. 

A few times I admit I have stolen stock before it goes up! But I think the most amazing thing about our pieces is that they are all handcrafted, even the Iphone cases. We take a lot of time ensuring you get the best quality designs and workmanship.
 What’s your favourite AOA item?
At the moment it is the skull Iphone cases, I have been carrying mine around for almost three months now and they have only just hit the site. I have had many envious onlookers begging for me to make one for them. I have a feeling these will be a very popular item.

How would you describe the artofaztec girl?
The artofaztec girl is very much a wild heart, very free spirited. The artofaztec girl requires three things; a fearless attitude, love for rock’n’roll and a rebellious heart.


Age: 21

Tell us about artofaztec in your own words:
artofaztec was founded in January 2012 by an Australian based duo, Renae Beaty and Ema Raw. Both lovers of the unusual, the label was created due to interest peers and onlookers expressed for their vintage finds and customised clothing. They believe that fashion is the most individual when it cannot be bought in quantity.
How would you describe your personal -style?
Grungy charm - I wear pieces that make me feel confident but I don’t feel like I stick to any one particular style. I love band tees and rouged up boyfriend jeans but then I also embrace floral prints and neon coloured lipstick. I don’t think I can really define it for you.
What/who are your fashion inspirations?
Fashion inspirations include Erin Wasson, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.
Who are your favourite designers? Alexander Wang, Balmain and Bassike.

Where do you shop in Adelaide/Interstate/Overseas?
I shop in vintage stores everywhere but I love Crowne St in Sydney. All of those little stores hold so much vintage treasure; last time I was there I bought VERSACE leather suede shorts for under $100. In Florence I went crazy in the markets; there were so many great leather bags I spent a good part of a day darting from one stall to the next.
Name the top three items you can’t live without! My iPad, my pawpaw ointment and my phone (with my skull case attached! Ha.)
What would your ideal outfit be for your day-off?
A white Bassike tee, vintage leather pants and my Balmain denim jacket.
What’s your advice for girls who aren’t really too sure of their style but interested in fashion?
Just wear what makes you feel sexy. A smile is one of your best accessories, confidence is key. Find an icon that reflects your own personal style and work your look around them. I draw inspiration from others outfits constantly, it very much shapes my look.


Age: 22

Tell us about Art of Aztec in your own words:
artofaztec, for me, is all about individuality. When this label was created I knew it was all about the customer. Their style and their personality, and how this would translate into their outfit. Whenever I find a piece to recreate I always think about the back story. I wonder where it came from and where it may lead once we 'artofaztec-ify' it. 

What’s your role within AOA?
I do most of the buying for this label; which is great because it means I get to travel. The design process starts with me, while Renae finishes the product once it has gone through a series of stages. All of it is handcrafted and there is a lot of work that goes into each piece. I don't like passing anything on until I absolutely love the garment myself. 

How would you describe your personal -style?
I like to be comfortable. Something about baggy shorts and a big tee is so understated and I love when I find the perfect threads that make me feel like I could hang around all day in them. Half of the clothes I wear are my boyfriends, I love my accessories though. 

Most of the time you'll see me in a band tee and floral shorts. I love that juxtaposition of both grungy and chic. Very girl next door. Oh and I LOVE a good beanie, much to Renae's dismay. Whenever we have business lunches she forces me to take it off (laughs). 

What/who are your fashion inspirations?
Cara Deviligne, Jess Hart and Bambi Northwood-Blyth. 

Who are your favourite designers? Alexander Wang, Josh Goot and I'm loving this affordable label Hunt No More. They have some really cool stuff! 

Where do you shop in Adelaide/Interstate/Overseas? 
I do most of my shopping online; Skinnybitchapparel.comKarmaloop.com and Pixie Market are a few of my favorites. I love New Town Sydney; so many vintage dives to sort through. 

Name the top three items you can’t live without!
Social networking, my vintage fur and my favourite sex pistols tank.

What would your ideal outfit be for your day-off?
A band tee, leather shorts and my velvet vans. 

What’s your advice for girls who aren’t really too sure of their style but interested in fashion?
Don't think too much, wear what feels right for you. Don't think about other people's opinions about what you will wear. 

I always think, would Carrie get out the house in NYC in this. Its the best possible mantra... Cause she would seriously wear just about anything! (laughs). 


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