Sunday, 7 October 2012


Thank the heavens! Hallelujah! The change of time with day-light savings, marks the start of the summer and party season! We have so much more time (even though we lost one hour) to tan in the sun, enjoy our bronzed skin, and make the most out of our days. I just wish laptop screens would still function in sunlight. I've tried, it's practically impossible to see anything! 

Its quite funny to think that some sun rays makes us all happy little sunshines! But everything good happens in summer, especially Christmas and New Years, there are just so many festivities going on. Cute gelati dates, dinner at the beach, hot-balmy nights and rooftop fun! Next year I'll think I'll try skip as much winter as I can and escape to the European summer once again. Just 5 more weeks of uni left for the year and holidays for 4 months! Can't get better than that if you ask me! 

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