Monday, 10 September 2012


So my week in Melbourne has been uber fun, and I think its fair to say that I found my "Mojo in Melbourne". But I'm also not going to put it past the fun Spring weather and seeing my best friend again, that's gotta lift the mood, from the post winter boredom that was. 

After a successful shopping trip down Chapel St on Thursday, on Friday night, Steph and I went to China town for some pre-fashion show dinner, and then attended the runway 3 show which was a lot of fun (complete with a goodie-bag). I was super excited to see White Suede's collection, with all of its neon fun, but was surprised by how much I enjoyed watching Nobody's collection, probably all the kahki and army boots. 

The weekend was good, and we got to hang out with our other Adelaide friend's who moved to Melbourne recently. We we're all so excited and inspired each other so much that we were a plane ticket away from moving to Spain! And why the hell not!?

Sunday was a cracker of a day, with spring in all of its glory, so we headed down to St Kilda and got to have a glimse of summer by drinking ciders on the boardwalk and having a picnic in the park. Tonight we decided to walk down to the channel 10 studios and sit in the studio audience for The Project, kinda fun to see how it all works. I think tomorrow's agenda is the Melbourne Food and Wine festival, then I'll be jetting back home...... A week sure does fly by when your having fun!

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