Monday, 17 September 2012


So I'm back from my week in Melbourne and its straight into the daily grind, of work and uni work nontheless, also my contributing role with Melbgirl Fashion blog. It's all I see to be doing at the moment, being in a state of limbo, which at first is the best thing in the whole world, because you don't have to answer to anybody and can totally sleep in till midday. Although my favourite venue in Adelaide is Limbo, I don't actually like being in a state of limbo. After 3 years through my 4 year double-degree, I am ready to be done. And after a taste of life away from home, in a different city, with friends and amazing opportunities, I can't wait to get out and about! I just feel way to limited here in Rad.. 'I guess I've got a lot to ponder' - classic Zoolander.

Strangeness is the indespensible condiment of all beauty - Charles Baudelaire 

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