Sunday, 19 August 2012


Look I'll be the first to admit that I am completely and utterly shocked that I am covering a Miley Cyrus editorial. But instead of donning her usual grunge, daring-to-be-different and forcing a rebel-style-street-wear look, whilst running her daily errands (seriously how many errands do you do a day?) she is all glammed up. And, a positive, there is no top-knot or cropped-tees in these pics!! Hey, after all its a Marie Claire editorial, they would have nothing less than very tasteful, high-class shots, plus Miley is even wearing a Kanye West number. 

Now, it did pain me to read through the article -  because all it talked about was how Miley and Liam [Hemsworth] live together and blah blah, how he proposed, blah blah, and well I'm not too happy. She's snapped up the best looking male Aussie actor we've got going on! And she's only 19. Regardless of my personal feelings towards good old Miley, I quite like this shoot, and her hair pre-chop (let's not even go there). But in the mean time check out the awesome glamour shots! They're pretty rare, who knows the next time we'll get such classy stuff from the youth in revolt. 

U.S September issue of Marie Claire:

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