Monday, 13 August 2012


What a great and successful weekend! Saturday night I went to the Rooftop with a few friends and ended up running in to so many old faces and people I had known from years ago, or even met recently. It's always awesome to catch up with people you haven't seen in forever. Then we made our way down to my favourite place in Adelaide, Limbo! And yet again ran in to old friends! I love those successful nights. 

Then Sunday night I finally got to catch up with my friend Sophie. We are usually in every single uni class together, but this semester is a totally different story so we had to plan a catch-up and Sunday worked! We caught up at yet another favourite venue of mine, Botanic Bar and chatted away! Where I ran in to a work friend. One thing that is quite good about Adelaide is knowing everyone, and knowing where everyone is going to be, so at least you can catch-up with people if you wish. But! Still better things are yet to come and I cannot wait to be done with my study and off to bigger and better adventures, outside of Adelaide. Less than a year and a half away now. Countdown is on!

Ps. I missed the Olympic Closing Ceremony..... Dayum.

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