Saturday, 4 August 2012


As Camilla and Marc reach their 10th year, the brother and sister Aussie design duo decided to mix things up and create a younger line! C&M Camilla and Marc, is aimed at a younger clientele. And exciting news, C&M Camilla and Marc have announced that they will be in partnership with David Jones (yay, my work!). 

Camilla and Marc explain that the new, young and fresh clothing line, the first collection appropriately named "Coachella Valley", draws inspiration from music festival fashion. Something that hits home to the youth of Australia, and no doubt will be a great, and very popular clothing line. Camilla tells Grazia magazine more of the inspiration behind the line.."We wanted it to feel like those first few weeks of summer, where nothing is better than the return of warm days, balmy nights and enjoying the summer air". Here are a few sneak peak shots!

Ps. Yep that is Kelsey from Australia's Next Top Model, 2010 - The 'wrongly announced winner' year, awkies!
Also... How good do the black brogues look for Summer!? I am so glad I got in early and got myself a shiny new pair :)

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