Saturday, 11 August 2012


AIFW. The Amsterdam International Fashion week features twice a year; the most recent Fashion week occurred late July. The. Dutch. Fashion. World. A whole different aspect of fashion and a whole European, trendy, street-vibe. The AIFW includes runway shows, trade fairs, presentations and of course a numerous amount of celebration and parties. 

Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons (thus twice a year) the AIFW showcases the up and coming and the well established Dutch fashion designers to the world. Having recently visited Amsterdam I can tell you one thing, the dress sense of the Dutch is incredible. Layers that you never thought were possible are so easily pulled off by the trendy European folk - There are some very avante garde stuff out there. The two designers featured are Winde Rienstra Haute Couture Autumn (European Autumn) 2012 and Bas Kosters Spring/Summer 2013. Quirky much!

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